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22 Jun

Greetings Athletes,

Welcome to the Brooks Integrative Training blog and associated web site. With these tools I plan to write periodic training articles, provide updates on B.I.T. athlete performances, offer commentary on timely cycling-rleated topics.

Several B.I.T. athletes have garnered success this season. Since we are nearing the mid-season point, a recap of athlete successes is on order. Angelia Kniesly won her age group in the Indianapolis Mini Marathon and also won her age group in the Muncie Triathlon last weekend.

With the big races of the season just around the corner, including the Bloomington Crit. this Saturday, June becomes a timely month to take a rest week. In fact, several athletes have communicated that too much group riding and not enough recovery have led to a drop in performance. Others have succumbed to higher priority obligations on the life balance scale and find themselves scrambling to regain lost fitness. If you find yourself in either of these scenarios, don’t sweat it. For those of you feeling the heavy legs of night in and night out group riding, take a down week with 2 or 3 days of no exercise. After your rest break, taper back up with an easy ride, a moderate ride, and then an opener ride. By the 4th day back you should feel fresh enough for prime performance.

For those who’ve lost fitness due to life balance obligations, take the same conservative approach. Once your schedule frees up, simply enjoy your bike for a week. Put in miles, but avoid the temptation to rush right back into the group riding scene. All ow your body to adapt to the rhythm of riding, and allow your muscles and tendons to ease back into condition. Riding hard too soon will likely lead to an injury such as an achilles tendon strain or some other such nuissance, further setting your training back. If you rest or take the conservative approach back now, you’ll be on top form for the big races in July and August.