The Hannibal

24 Feb


Frigid temps kept many Indy folks inside on trainers again yesterday. Fortunately, Larry was game for riding outside in the 24 degree temperature. Long known for his fortitude and mental toughness, Larry prepared for the ride by PUTTING ICE IN HIS WATER BOTTLES! Sans ice, my bottles were cold soon enough. The best part of yesterday’s ride however, was the post ride meal; red beans and rice with sausage, gumbo, and Belgian Ale. Thank you Larry!

A good sized contingent came out today in the balmy 33 degrees. Larry, Dr. Wilkes, Tim Harden, Preston, Frank, Phelgar, David Kaplan, and several others joined for a social ride with short bursts of tempo.

I’ve been writing about Phelgar’s noticeable improvement from week to week in cycling class. As we prepared to move out for the ride today, Phelgar said, “Since this is going to be a social ride, I’m going Hannibal on you all.” He pulled out a face mask with breathing holes over the mouth that resembled something like the photo at the top of this post.

A few riders were unceremoniously shelled off the front, but otherwise, the group mostly stayed together until the final sprint up Lafayette Road as we neared 86th Street. And the winner was The Hannibal – sans the mask at this point in the ride. Congrats to Phelgar – the indoor training is paying dividends.

Looks like Mother Nature has no plans to let up on us as the long range forecast calls for snow flurries this coming Friday and Saturday with low temps in the teens and hi of 32 degrees. I guess I’ll see you all on the trainer again next weekend.


One Response to “The Hannibal”

  1. Dan February 25, 2013 at 2:50 am #

    Again, very depressing for me to hear how well Phelgar is riding. Yet another rider who’ll be way in front of me, when I come up to Indy to ride with the group. 🙂 Dan

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