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Cobb Park

29 Apr

Congrats again to Deb on her 2nd place age group finish in the Best Buddies 5K in Downtown Indianapolis yesterday. The Best Buddies Friendship Run and Walk is a fun-filled community fundraiser to support your local Best Buddies programs of inclusion. The friendship, integrated employment and leadership programs educate people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to be advocates for social inclusion in your community. Great job Deb!

There is an old saying that goes something like, ‘Red in the morning, Sailors warning, red at night, sailor’s delight. I’ve skewed that a bit to read, ‘Rain in the morning to this racer’s delight.’ As an 8th grader I took up cross country running to augment training for basketball. My grandpa used to chuckle at the thought of me running those first races in the fall of 1975. He said I looked like a plow horse when I ran. Fortunately, by the spring of 1976 Grandpa said I’d transformed into race horse; but I digress.

Plow horses will do just that; plow through anything. As such, I still recall the first meet we ran in the rain. All the runners were complaining about having to run in the rain, the mud, and the cold, so I simply told myself I like to run in the rain. After all, why should racing in the rain be any different than running around, playing in the mud and swimming in the over filled ditches when we were kids? (Yeah, that was a healthy thing to do). The strategy seemed to work though, as I had somewhat of a breakthrough race, finishing in the top 10 of a big invitational meet against some of the best teams in the county. Ever since then I’ve told myself I like racing in the rain and it usually pans out well.

Waking up to a steady rain Sunday morning was the perfect motivator. Throughout the entire drive up I-65 the rain never let up. Upon exiting 65 however, the rain ceased. Nonetheless, clouds remained in place, preventing a quick sun drying of any race course in the vicinity.

Cobb Park is located in an Irvington-like neighborhood on the south side of Kankakee and the annual event is hosted by the South Chicago Wheelmen. The course is perhaps a mile long with a sweeping left hand turn, a subtle incline up the back stretch (with a slight head wind during the race), a tight left turn at the top of the incline, a quick chicane, and then a hard left at an off camber out of the final turn, leaving perhaps 400 meters to the finish line.

Approximately 30-35 of us old guys lined up for the combined Masters 35+/45+ field. Scarlet Fire was well represented with 5 or 6 guys in the race. The first lap was somewhat tame as everyone found their line and rhythm on the still-slick course. Druber attacked on lap two. The field was not quite anxious to chase so I jumped up to Druber. After making the bridge, I pulled through, but the pack was quick to pounce on us.

Another break formed quickly after the catch and I found myself in a group of 5 off the front. One of the guys ahead of me was a bit sketchy and turned to look back to see how much of a gap we had. But he turned around just ahead of the chicane, causing him to nearly wipe out and unfortunately, causing the guy directly behind him to go down. Once again, the pack was on it.

Scarlet Fire sent many attacks off the front, but none could ever snap the elastic. Throughout the race I noticed that I could move up the subtle incline much quicker than most of the guys in the race. With three laps to go yet another Scarlet Fire rider went on the attack, taking a reluctant passenger with him. I also made that junction, but the passenger would not take his pull through, so the pack caught on again, setting up a field sprint.

I fell a little too far back at the start of the final lap so I had to get out of the saddle and sprint up the back stretch just to gain position. I was still maybe 10-15 back from the lead of the group coming out of the final turn. Fortunately, I passed several guys in the final stretch and was the first 45+ guy to cross the line. It’s not the same as actually winning a race, but it still counts as a First in age group so I’ll take it as a V. I hope it rains A LOT this spring and summer 😉


Weekend (April 20/21) Recap

23 Apr

B.I.T. athletes were busy over the past couple of weekends. Dr. Erik Tyskland finished 2nd in his age group at the Carmel Sprint Tri on April 13. Erik said winter training with B.I.T. definitely helped his cycling, setting him up for his podium finish. Nice job Erik!

Deb DuBois finished 3rd in her age group during the 8K of the Carmel Marathon on Saturday the 20th. Like Erik, Deb said the winter training intervals helped her power through the rollers on the latter half of the course. Well done Deb!

Hans Ibold raced for the first time this season at Sunday’s Mooresville Challenge, entering the 1,2,3 race. Hans rode smooth and steady, saying he felt comfortable riding in the pack all race long. Near the end of the race Hans put in a couple of hard efforts that garnered acknowledgement and respect from his fellow peloton riders. Good start to the season, Hans!

Preston Conrad raced the Masters 50+ event at CERALand Park on Saturday. Like Hans, this was Preston’s first race of the season. Preston said he was very comfortable in the pack and comfortably covered bridge attempts to his teammates up the road. Preston finished 12th. Nice work, Preston!

Many B.I.T. athletes race across the disciplines so I thought you might be interested in the Ft. Harrison Sprint Triathlon on May 18. Deb and I have registered as a team in the duathlon competition. I hope to see several of you at this event.

After supporting Deb on Saturday, I raced the Masters race at Mooresville on Sunday. Two early attacks and counters set up Bryan Boggs to ride away from the field. Court Maple (MOB Squad) and I took up the chase and brought Bryan back to within bridging distance on two occasions. Unfortunately, the combination of hi wind, the pack splitter hill, and the 4 boggs teammates chomping at the bit to cover and counter any bridge attempt, prevented such a move. Bryan eventually lapped the field. The rest of us raced for 2nd with Ben Weaver taking the field sprint and myself finishing in 3rd.

Looking ahead, don’t forget that John Kniesly’s Mtn Bike Ride for the Kids is this coming Sunday, the 28th. And finally, here’s to hoping we get some warm weather! It’s getting old riding and racing in sub-45 degrees.

Charity Mountain Bike Ride for the Kids

15 Apr

I’ll get to the training and racing stuff further down the post, but let me start by announcing the Charity Mountain Bike Ride for the Kids presented by The Moon Dog Tavern. Brooks Integrative Training athlete, John Kniesly (Angelia’s husband) is one of the nicest guys and certainly one of the funniest guys we’ve had the pleausre of training with. John has been instrumental in organizing this charity ride to support families and children of the East Tenth Street United Methodist Child and Youth Center. With John in charge, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

The inaugural Bike for the Kids Charity Ride at Town Run Trail Park is Saturday, April 20th.  Brought to you by The Moon Dog Tavern, come ride in the dirt with family and friends, have fun, win prizes, and help families and kids served by the East Tenth United Methodist Child and Youth Center!

$25 includes T-shirt and optional participation in the inaugural “Pound for Pound Strongest Rider in the County” Mountain Bike Pull!  Registration fee goes up by $5 after March 29.

Register online at:  or on site the morning of the event.

Training and Racing: Since the last post about Todd Winget’s Cape Epic Tour, many of us have been training through the extended winter. My own riding has been better than ever, thanks again, to Dr. Rob Schroeder and Keith Caskey of Indy Muscle Therapy. Unfortunately, all good things must end. I felt the pangs of fatigue setting in last week and came into this weekend feeling flat. Furthermore, (do as I say, not as I do ;), I broke one of my own rules; don’t race based on a last minute decision.

With a wedding to attend on Saturday afternoon and a birthday party to attend Saturday evening, I did not think there’d be enough time to race so I did not plan for racing that day. As such, I rose early and rode for 2 hours prior to the wedding. But alas, the wedding ended just early enough that I could hustle over to Eagle Creek Park for the 1,2,3 Fast Crit.

Upon arrival to the park I saw Mark Dewart, who was pleased with his pack finish in the Masters 3/4 race. Well done Mark! The 1,2,3 race was aggressive with numerous attempts to establish a break, but nothing stuck b/c the course is  so flat and non technical that inevitibly, someone would take up the chase, spurring the pack to claw its way back up to the leading group. Wind played a hand in keeping things together as well. Normally, the 1,2,3 field averages in the neighborhood of 29 mph on this course. On Saturday, the avg speed was a pedestrian 27 mph.

My own racing was solid, making or bridging to a number of the selections that formed off the front of the group. I snuck up toward the front with three laps to go, but was quickly swallowed up by teams forming lead out trains and accepted the choice to remain in the back, out of the jostling for position to sprint in a race I don’t really belong in. I was content finishing at the back of the field sprint. Of note, Chris Richter (Owner of Motion Cycles and Fitness in Fishers) and Charlie Crouse of Racing for Riley, rode very strong races.

Saturday night passed into Sunday morning and the hammer dropped. Ugh. I’d worked harder than I realized in the previous day’s race (let alone the hi mileage of the past few weeks), leaving me feeling fatigued and flat for the race I had originally intended for the weekend (Masters 40+ 1,2,3). Like the previous day, strong wind and a strong field prevented any breaks from rolling away from the group. Several attempts were made and a few moves remained off the front for a lap or two, but it all came together in the final 3 laps. The mind was willing, but the body did not have the power to battle for position in the final two laps; I rolled across the line in a modest 12th place. I commend Court Maple of MOB Squad for riding a very strong race. Court initated or chased several of the moves that formed yesterday.

Lots of events coming up this weekend. In addition to John’s Charity Mountain Bike ride for the Kids, there is a running event in Carmel featuring a 1/2 marathon and an 8K run, and more bike racing with the Ceraland Circuit race in Columbus on Saturday and the Mooresville Circuit Race at Pioneer Park on Sunday. And finally, there is also that event down in Bloomington, the Little 500. Women race on Friday and the guys race Saturday. Best wishes to all who compete next weekend.