Weekend (April 20/21) Recap

23 Apr

B.I.T. athletes were busy over the past couple of weekends. Dr. Erik Tyskland finished 2nd in his age group at the Carmel Sprint Tri on April 13. Erik said winter training with B.I.T. definitely helped his cycling, setting him up for his podium finish. Nice job Erik!

Deb DuBois finished 3rd in her age group during the 8K of the Carmel Marathon on Saturday the 20th. Like Erik, Deb said the winter training intervals helped her power through the rollers on the latter half of the course. Well done Deb!

Hans Ibold raced for the first time this season at Sunday’s Mooresville Challenge, entering the 1,2,3 race. Hans rode smooth and steady, saying he felt comfortable riding in the pack all race long. Near the end of the race Hans put in a couple of hard efforts that garnered acknowledgement and respect from his fellow peloton riders. Good start to the season, Hans!

Preston Conrad raced the Masters 50+ event at CERALand Park on Saturday. Like Hans, this was Preston’s first race of the season. Preston said he was very comfortable in the pack and comfortably covered bridge attempts to his teammates up the road. Preston finished 12th. Nice work, Preston!

Many B.I.T. athletes race across the disciplines so I thought you might be interested in the Ft. Harrison Sprint Triathlon on May 18. Deb and I have registered as a team in the duathlon competition. I hope to see several of you at this event.

After supporting Deb on Saturday, I raced the Masters race at Mooresville on Sunday. Two early attacks and counters set up Bryan Boggs to ride away from the field. Court Maple (MOB Squad) and I took up the chase and brought Bryan back to within bridging distance on two occasions. Unfortunately, the combination of hi wind, the pack splitter hill, and the 4 boggs teammates chomping at the bit to cover and counter any bridge attempt, prevented such a move. Bryan eventually lapped the field. The rest of us raced for 2nd with Ben Weaver taking the field sprint and myself finishing in 3rd.

Looking ahead, don’t forget that John Kniesly’s Mtn Bike Ride for the Kids is this coming Sunday, the 28th. And finally, here’s to hoping we get some warm weather! It’s getting old riding and racing in sub-45 degrees.


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