B.I.T. Athletes Continue to Inspire

3 Jul

24hrsbooty2B.I.T. riders continue to inspire; with their dedication, their service, and their character. Fred Evans, Tim Wozniak and Adam Perler rode/supported the 24 Hours of Booty fund raiser for IU Simon Cancer Center on Friday June 29. Fred and Tim rode with the Spokes of Hope team (Cindi & Ken Hart). The ride started a little after the posted 7 pm time on Friday evening with the threat of storms in the air.

Held on the campus of Butler University, Mayor Ballard welcomed riders and supporters, joining the ride early on. An Indianapolis Police Department car lead the first lap, followed by an Indy Race Car on lap 2. Survivors carried the lead on lap three, making for nice pageantry.

The course went through a part of the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood with many of the streets blocked off on the 3 mile, slightly hilly course. Fred felt nostalgic, riding through his neighborhood. Lawn parties of cheering neighbors encouraged and inspired the riders.

The evening started out well with warm, but humid weather until about 8:30 pm when gusting winds and a following thunderstorm rolled through the Butler campus. Riders restarted about 10:30 pm with Tim W. continuing until about 2:30 am, at which point he went home for a four hour nap. Tim said grinding through the loop in the wee hours of the morning was a chore, but following Coach Bob’s advice about changing cadences and using the “big gears” for the climbs provided some diversion, but also helped keep the impending fatigue at bay.

Tim said, “It was a fun 24 hours despite four lengthy thunderstorm delays (one on Friday night and three throughout the day on Saturday). The Hart’s “upped the fun” by having different ride themes throughout the event, providing costumes to complete the themes: pirates, Hawaiian and Mardi gras.

By 7:30 a.m. Tim was back at it for the camp-wide breakfast and having fun with the themed rides on the 3 mile circuit – The Hope for Spokes apparel brought cheers from the spectators around the course.

The Harts also held a midnight vigil at the start/finish line to honor those who’ve succumbed to cancer in the past year – including Joey Keller (of Team Joey – kit by Adam Perler who dropped by after his night of racing at the velodrome). Tim rode with a goal of completing 74 laps; 65 for his brother-in-law who died from cancer in early June at age 65 and 9 laps for Joey Keller). Rain prevented Tim from reaching his goal, but he got close – 70 laps for a total of 245 miles and satisfaction of supporting a good cause, riding with great folks and raising monies for a renowned local institution that helps those dealing with cancer. 24hrsbooty

Fred carried on into Sunday, joining and sponsoring the Bike It 4 Prostate Cancer ride. Fred was joined by friend of B.I.T., Chris Richter of Motion Cycles. Motion sponsored the event and Chris led the 50-mile group.

As mentioned above, Adam participated in round II of his track racing adventure. Seeded 5th heading into the round, Adam was slated to race the #8 seed; higher seeds typically defeat the lower seeds. Unfortunately for Adam, because the original # 8 could not participate, track personnel pulled from a pool of wait listed riders and the rider inserted as Adam’s opponent is a former Masters National Champion. This is akin to seeding Duke or North Carolina as a #16 in the NCAA Tournament.

Adam exemplified true B.I.T. character when his opponent blew out his rear tire before their scheduled race. Adam suggested to his opponent that perhaps the opponent could borrow a wheel from Ken Hart. Adam could have remained silent and won by default – but we all know Adam is above that.

With years of track racing experience and one of the most explosive jumps in Indy, Adam’s opponent won handily. Nonetheless, Adam garnered praise and exposure for Team Joey via his chivalry and character. Well done, Adam!


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