RAIN, Muncie Tri, EC DU & Rainy State RR

22 Jul
Henry Finishes!

Henry Finishes!

After Saturday’s rainy competition day I’ll begin this entry with another RAIN success. Having shed nearly 40 pounds in 2012 and spending the fall training with us at B.I.T., Henry Kim quietly selected a goal of finishing the RAIN ride this summer. Henry reports that he kept up well for the first 60 miles with a pace of 20.6mph. As a doctor, Henry finds training time difficult to come by, especially for those long hour rides required to survive the 162 miles of RAIN. Nonetheless, Henry thought he was well prepared for every possible contingency except for the horrible momentum-robbing cramps he suffered in both thighs and calves about half way through RAIN. If it wasn’t for the kindness of another rider giving him electrolyte pills and a SAG worker providing “pickle juice”, Henry knows he would have been a DNF. Fortunately, Henry summoned the mental toughness so many of you exhibit and gamely completed the ride in a more than respectable 282nd place. Henry said the B.I.T. training helped him immeasurably. Well done, Henry!

Angelia with help from friends

Angelia with help from friends

Angelia Kniesly also competed on Saturday the 13th. A triathlete and adventure lover by nature, but banned from running by her PT due to a strained hip, Angelia could not resist the temptation of several of her friends coaxing her into the Muncie Triathlon. Angelia reports: “Although my PT did not clear me to run for more than 3 minutes at a time… I had registered for this race a year ago and thought that I would just swim and bike and bail out at the run transition. Literally up until the day before the race that is what I was thinking, so uncertain if I could run at all and knowing I really did not want to walk 13.1 miles. But with the help of my friends/teammates we all made it!”

Angelia acknowledged that her running days are behind her such that she did walk a lot to complete the event, but she hopes she can resume running in small doses from time to time. The exciting aspect for Angelia was that she had a great bike split and is really looking forward to focusing solely on the bike in B.I.T. training this winter. Way to find the resolve, Angelia!

Deb DuBois is also making strides in her cycling. On Saturday the 20th Deb competed in the Eagle Creek Duathlon, running 2 miles, cycling 10 miles, and then finishing with a 5K run. Deb finished 2nd overall in the female division and placed 1st in her age group. Deb said the Winter Training helped and that the Monday night rides have given her both a fitness boost and a confidence boost, allowing her to significantly improve her average speed on the bike leg compared to years past. Nice job, Deb!

State Road Race

A handful of B.I.T. athletes competed in the State Road Race on Saturday, including Mark Dewart, Hans Ibold, Jim Creamer, Chris Richter (Owner of Motion Cycles in Fishers) and myself. Mark raced in the Category 4/5 field, which had 87 starters. Jim and I competed in the 45+ group, which was combined with 55+ and the 35+ that included Chris. Hans raced in the Category 3 event, a 68 mile race. Mark filed the following report:

“There were 87 riders in the Cat 4/5 State Road Race. We did 4 laps of the 11.4 mile loop (45.6 miles). I rode my trainer regularly over the winter and in the month preceding the race I got in 1000 miles. However, in between those periods, there was quite a bit of time where I wasn’t riding regularly. Due to the uneven nature of my preparation, I was hoping to just be able to hang with these guys and get a field finish. (It should be noted Mark is in his mid 50s. Many of the 4/5s are young dudes).

The race was fast right from the start. There were surges, you would have to jump out of the corners to close gaps, but the whole race would have been very familiar to many of you. It felt like being in a large Tuesday-Thursday B group in the “Hot Zone” north of 32, but for 2 hours instead of 40 minutes.

Everything went well until we were 5 miles from the finish line and going up the hill on the course for the final time. Several riders fell in front of me and to miss them I had to go off the road to the right. I didn’t fall. By the time I got safely back on the pavement a gap had opened that I couldn’t close. I ended up finishing 60th in a race where the lead group averaged 24.8 mph.

Overall, I was happy to find that I was comfortable in the race and came up short on luck rather than physiology. Next year I will hope for better luck but bring more fitness so that if I ride the 4/5 race, the crashes are happening behind me.”

As Mark noted, the course was an 11.4 mile loop that featured one slight hill at the 6 mile mark, two slight rollers at mile 6.75 and mile 8.2, and a final grade of a gradual 1-2% incline over the final two miles. In the Masters race the pace was fairly tame for the first of 5 laps (57 miles). On lap 2, Court Maple, winner of last week’s Indy Crit., attacked hard. Situated right on his wheel, I went with Court.

Court’s effort opened a nice gap. Upon flicking his arm, I came through for my rotation. A 3rd rider had joined us and when I flicked my arm no one came through. I waited…… and waited…., and waited…., and then Court blew by. Stuck in no man’s land I made the incorrect decision to bridge back up to Court. By the time I got there (with unwilling-to-work-passenger still glued to my wheel), the pack was upon us with fresh legs to counter. Court being on phenomenal form this year was able to reload and go with the counter that included 4 other riders. I was on no such form.

Rainy Lap 4

Rainy Lap 4

A few of us in the main bunch were willing to work at chasing the break. Jim Creamer, Chris Richter, John Schmitz and I took hard digs to keep the pace high enough for one last chance to bridge the gap. At the mile 6 hill Schmitz attacked on one side and I attacked on the other. Richter, Creamer and Joe Fox made the selection and we began a hard chase. Frustratingly close at just 5 seconds behind the break, our chase ran out of steam with the main pack having clawed its way back to us.

No one in the large group made the effort to jump the gap, our pace slowed significantly, and the race was over. Those 5 remained away, claiming the spoils. Bryan Boggs eventually won the race with Court taking 2nd, but first in his age group of 35+.

Hans in the 3s

Hans in the 3s

The race for crumbs was animated by Schmitz and I, trading attacks and often bridging to one another, only to have the pack swallow us up after each attempt. Also in the mix were Chris Richter, Darrin Lay and Joe Fox. Schmitz and Creamer made a last gasp jailbreak attempt on the final straight away, but the sit-in police nabbed them about 1 mile shy of the finish. Richter had a nice sprint to finish 2nd in the 35+ Category.  Well done, Chris. Kudos to Schmitz for maintaining the race as a hard training ride rather than a sun dial stroll; which as Hans described it, was exactly what the Cat. 3 racers did. Apparently, the 3s held social time, chatting and joking over 67 miles and then sprinted for home in the final mile.

Several races loom on the horizon, including the Winfield Criterium Weekend, located just outside Chicago, the Bloomington Gran Prix, and the New Albany Criterium. This coming Saturday also features the Senior Games Cycling Competition in Cleveland. To all competing this weekend, ride well and stay healthy.


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